Granite Porch is me, Joel G.

I’d prefer to be taking pictures of wildflowers on the tundra. If you want to pay me to do that, then we should definitely talk.

Otherwise, you should pay me to be a Motion Designer on your creative team of highly competent and mostly functional people.

I’m passionate about my friends, attaining internal peace, being outside, and some other things.

The Adobe products I regularly use are: Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Media Encoder. I am competent at times with: Photoshop, Character Animator, InDesign, and Audition.

I have a deeper than most understanding of Microsoft Teams. I currently work on a PC but won’t complain if you hook me up with the latest Mac Book Pro (or Mac Studio?). 

Anyhow. I’ll often use “Anyhow” in emails and I like the traditional smiley face emoji :)

People rarely regret working with me.

Joel G